"We the people must heed our wounded veterans and be forever grateful for their sacrifices.  There is no price tag big enough to repay for their heroism, nor should there be for their care." 

-Major Shannon B. Blake, U.S. Army (Ret.) AMERICAN PATRIOT

I WAS THERE Film Workshops
Published on Nov 23, 2018

This short film was created by veterans Shannon Blake and Sean Carnell. It was made at the I WAS THERE Film Workshop for veterans organized by the Patton Veterans Project October 19-21, 2018 at the North Shore Community College, Danvers, MA. "MISSION CRITICAL" displays struggles that are real and there is support from such organizations as www.warriorssoar.com

For more on the Patton Veterans Project and its I WAS THERE Film Workshops for veterans and military families, visit pattonveteransproject.org.

Please be advised this short film does contain strong language, sensitive and emotional dialogue.

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